Our "Zoo"


Our house is a single-story open floor plan and has three rooms with reptiles. These are kept in a combination of exo-terra enclosures and PVC cages. Falafel, our quince monitor, is kept in a custom wooden enclosure. Our “Dinosaur Room” houses our babies, which are currently kept in furnished racks. Because of the ambient temperature required for most of our snakes, the house is kept at around 78F.


We keep a number of ball pythons and green tree pythons. We also have a white-lipped python, Milk, a carpet python, Lily, and a false water cobra, Griffin.


In addition to Falafel, we have one lizard, an ameiva named Pietro. We also have two tarantulas.

Falafel's enclosure

The backyard is home to our tortoise, Charr, for most of the year. We are always working to optimize the backyard so there are edible plants and shade plants to make a more enriching space for him.

Handsome tortoise

After several years, we succeeded in our goal of moving all our pythons to PVC cages. The PVC seems to hold humidity for longer periods and keeps more stable temperatures, particularly in the wintertime. For the babies, we aim to provide PVC cages for them as well, eliminating the need for drawer-style racks.