About Us

Long Tail Reptiles was started by us, Karen and TJ Long, in Northeast Florida in 2015. We have been lifelong animal lovers but had not tried working much with reptiles until then. TJ was highly uncomfortable with snakes, but as I, Karen, turned out to be allergic to pretty much everything else, we decided to give reptiles a chance. We went to a local pet shop to look around, someone plopped a baby western hognose into our hands, and things have not been the same since.

We went from one snake to more than two dozen, had a clutch of green tree python babies and later of ball python babies (in that order), and have cared for a number of species of colubrids, pythons, chelonians and lizards (and even a tarantula or three). We've worked with fussy eaters, sick snakes, rescue animals and various temper tantrums. It's been a wild ride so far, and we are learning and growing from our experiences every day. Thanks for stopping by to check us out!

Falafel with reptichip hat